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At Apex Global, we specialise in tailored solar car park design and installation services across Australia. As experts in Solar Car Park Solutions, we understand the multifaceted requirements involved in designing and implementing solar car park systems.

Our dedicated team brings together expertise in design consultation, project management, civil engineering, construction, and delivery to simplify the complex process of solar car park implementation. With experience in some of the largest and most complex solar car shade installations in Australia, we adhere to the best industry practices to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

How it Works?

Solar Car Parks provide industry-leading solar car park structures. Our experienced consultants guide you through the design process step by step to maximize energy gains while ensuring aesthetic appeal.
  • Site Review: We assess the proposed site to create detailed design options aligned with project goals.
  • Pricing: Once designs are approved, we provide preliminary pricing to set clear project expectations.
  • Approval: Collaboration with the client ensures final approval, with the option for a fixed price model to eliminate unexpected costs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Fixed Price Option: Our unique approach offers clarity and peace of mind, with a fixed price model based on comprehensive surveys and data collection.
  • Supply Chain Management: We manage all aspects of the design, supply, and installation process, ensuring seamless project delivery.
  • Transparency: We keep you informed throughout the installation process, from design to delivery, ensuring professionalism and communication at every stage.

Benefits of Solar Car Parks:

  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Improved Nabers Score
  • Environmental Impact
  • Expansion Opportunities
  • On-time Installation